Scritto da Ron Howard

It`s time to bring the soothing tranquility of an indoor fountain into your home or office. Fountains can be a real art object.  An indoor wall fountain or some floor fountains is a living work of art, a dynamic visual display that is never the same from one moment to the next.

The beautiful sounds of a waterfall help focus the mind, and bring the serenity of a mountain stream into any room in your home. As if this wasn`t enough, waterfalls also produce negative ions, tiny electrically charged particles that help you feel more alert and relaxed. These negative ions also remove impurities in the air, alleviating allergies and decreasing indoor pollution.

Every waterfall is self-contained, so there`s no need for special plumbing. The high-powered pumps re-circulate water from a small reservoir, so all you need to do is add a cup of water every week or so, just like watering a house plant.

Indoor fountains make a bold, elegant statement in your lobby or office. We can even integrate your company logo into one of our designs, providing an impressive focal point for any place of business.

Have something in mind? Any company can also build custom fountains to your specifications. Have a particular space you`d like to fill? It’s easy get the most out of every corner of your home or office.