Scritto da Ron Howard

Gaming on line is growing all over the world thanks to on line casino bonuses. Free casino bonus are a good method to “catch” new users, but they can nothing against some governments. Many countries like Italy – in fact – ban some on line games websites.

           Last list is 1307 records long. For example, if you can to reach a site a prohibited  site, you read a message from Italian Government: “The requested site is not attainable because has no permission to operate the collection of games in Italy”.



  Instead, other operators have permission (for example these Monkey Slots or “Fruit Machines” or Pokies), basically for the reason that they pay taxes: games are essential for the cash of many countries.


  A “historical” website as, known all over the world, is instead on Italian black list, as like many famous sites of English great bookmakers.


  A lot of Web “Guru” says that Internet freedom is untouchable, and nobody can limit it, especially governments. Other experts of law argue that web is not a world apart, and rules that are in force in real world must be put into effect on the Internet too.


  But is it dangerous for our freedom? Italy was the first West Country to apply this technique. Others states do so, like China and Vietnam, but for political reasons…