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The growth of on line gambling create new risk for net users. Can technology help us?

When a player starts losing money, he tries to win back and play more money. He could not afford losing again. In the end, he is filled with deep regret.

Web technology could find some remedies. Land-based and online gaming companies are racing to create universal algorithms that will identify people who are at risk for developing problematic gambling behavior. Is possible to convince online casinos to use the same software?

US government, for examples, can oblige all US Online Casino or Casinos US Players?

Unfortunately, supporters of this effort are nowhere near the finish line for that race; perhaps worse, the competitors are quite possibly off-track.

Researchers and practitioners have yet to agree upon the most important identifying characteristics of problematic gambling behavior. Land-based efforts are at a starting advantage, simply because the extant scientific gambling literature predominantly addresses land-based gambling. On line gambling is a new phenomenon

Consequently, innovators who are trying to facilitate the development of identification algorithms for land-based gambling venues have a stronger scientific foundation available to them than online gaming companies.