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In the USA is very important choose your business partner using quality certification. One of the more important certification company is the Project Management Institute (PMI), that publishes standards related to project management and manages project management certification.

PMI headquarters are in Newtown Square, outside Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. PMI has published a number of standards related to project management, and manages several levels of project management certification.

Many institutes give PMI certification: in 2006, PMI reported over 220,010 members and over 180,000 PMP certificants in 175 countries. There are more than 250 local PMI chapters located in 67 countries.

Over 44,000 PMP certifications expire annually; a PMP must document ongoing project management experience and education every three years to keep their certification current.

Experience and education of PMP training is measured in Professional Development Units (or PDU`s) and can be earned from a variety of sources (such as taking or teaching classes focused on the Project Management discipline).

Individuals who hold PMI`s PMP credential demonstrate a proficient level of project management leadership skills, and as a result are able to command salaries that exceed those of their non-credentialed counterparts.  To be eligible for a PMP credential, you must meet specific guidelines that objectively measure experience, education and professional knowledge.

Now many online platforms offer e-learning and online PMP certification.