The Special Rapporteur of the Comission on “Human Rights, on sale of children, child prostitution and child pornografy” – Juan Miguel Petit – is visiting Albania. After he will visit Athens and prepare a report that will be presented to the UN Human Rights Commission.


Scritto da Dritan Ziu

The United Nations have started an investigation of trafficking of children in Albania. The children are often victims of trafficking for prostitution. Juan Miguel Petit, the UN Special Reporter, held a meeting with the Minister of Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities, Koco Barka, to discuss this issue. The investigation will also include Greece.

Minister Barka expressed his willingness and the willingness of his Ministry to integrate these children back into the society, to help them avoid the danger presented by the trafficking rings.

“We have no reliable figures, but according to unofficial data, there are 8,000 Albanian children in Greece and Italy without there parents at this very moment. The children are the main target of trafficking rings”, said Kosta Barjaba, the Ministry’s Chief of Cabinet, and added that the Government has made the cooperation with the immigrant hosting countries its priority, in order to solve this problem.

During his visit to Albania, Pettit will meet with state officials, politicians and NGO representatives that work on this field. After Tirana, he will visit Athens and prepare a report that will be presented to the UN Human Rights Commission., 02 November 2005


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